Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a purchaser use its own designs?
A: A purchaser may use its own architect and building plans, subject to the prior written approval of the Developer.

Q: Is there a restriction on the size of the house?
A: The footprint of the house should not occupy more than one-fifth of the total area of the lot.

Q: Does construction of the house have to be completed within a prescribed time period?
A: Construction should be completed within 3 years from the later of vacant possession or the issuance of final title to the purchaser. The purchaser may however make a written request for an extension which may be granted at the discretion of the Developer.

Q: What infrastructure is provided by the Developer?
A: The Developer provides access roads, main road reserves, main drains, water supply works, street lights, electricity supply works and telephone mains.

Q: Can homestead lots be converted from the “Agriculture” category of land use to another category?
A: A purchaser may not convert its lot to another category of land use.